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Mitigating cyanobacterial harmful algal blooms with novel advanced oxidation treatment method

Cost efficient, targeted towards contaminant, phytoplankton and zooplankton friendly.
Case per case consulting

We offer a novel oxidant treatment based on the physico-chemical characteristics of each waterbody. Each sites’ characteristics data are taken into account to provide customized solutions that are treatment and cost efficient; phytoplankton and zooplankton friendly.

R & D for maximizing treatment efficiency

Our team comprises of researchers specialized in Chemistry, Environmental Engineering and Sciences. We are working hard to offer high quality consultation based on research knowledge and experience.

Product portfolio

POXi Kit is a quantification kit for non-chlorinated pool shocks. Currently is under development and provisional patent application has been registered at USPO (September 2020).

  • Targeted treatment towards cyanobacteria
  • 100% survival rate of zooplankton species under treatment conditions
  • 10% effect on phytoplankton with maximum restoration time at 48 hours after treatment

Highly efficient on destroying cyanobacterial cells.

Treatment tested on high density blooms of Microcystis sp., Aphanizomenon sp. and mixed cultures surface water matrixes.


We are working on offering a cost-effective treatment methods to the Goverment, Public Authoritites and private companies in water treatment sector for safeguarding surface water quality and drinking water availability.